Cure Hair Loss in Women, it is all a Matter of Cause

Isolate the cause and you may have found the cure!

cure hair loss in women with better dietIs there a way to cure hair loss in women that would help a woman who is losing her hair?

The short answer is definitely yes, there are things that can be done. For men, the issue is much less treatable. However for women, there are many things we can do if we find our hair is getting thinner. Especially as we age.

The most common type of hair loss in women is androgenic alopecia. Now before you panic and think that sounds serious, it is in fact a very common type of generally treatable hair loss that many women suffer. There are literally dozens of causes ranging from menopause to low iron and from pregnancy to stress. Here is a list of the top eight causes of hair loss in women.

Read more about the types of hair loss here.

Once you have determined the cause of your hair loss you can start to rectify the problem.

Visit a health care professional to find your cure hair loss

The first thing to do is visit your local health care provider and discuss your concerns. But be warned, many male doctors do not see hair loss in women, and in particular thinning hair that is not leaving bald spots, as the major concern women see it as. So you will have to insist that he does some tests. The main tests you want to ask for is a full blood test. A blood test can show up many issues, some of which are known factors in hair loss, especially in women.

Some of the contributing factors are deficiencies of iron and vitamin B12 as well as a lack of some vital hormones that can also contribute to hair loss. A condition called malabsorption can also play a part in the cause of hair loss. This is because some bowel problems like irritable bowel syndrome cause the lining of the gut to become inflamed and this in turn prevents the lining of the gut from being able to efficiently absorb the nutrients from the food that we are eating.

When these nutrients are prevented from being absorbed, the body gradually uses up its stores, and particularly in the case of iron, once the body starts to use its iron stores, the hair (and often the teeth) are the first to be affected.

So what is the best way to cure hair loss?

The way to cure hair loss in women is to find and treat the cause.

As you are no doubt already aware, good nutrition is a very important factor in general overall health. Overall good health is so often visible on a woman’s skin. How often do you see in yourself or someone else, that glowing skin that just exudes good health? In order for hair to grow strong and healthy, it requires healthy hair follicles to be present on healthy scalp skin. If you are concerned that your scalp may be causing the issue, visit a dermatologist who can work on getting to the root of your hair loss problem especially if it is caused by problems with your scalp.

If the cause of hair loss is low vitamins, then naturally the cure is to take supplements to rectify that situation. Do not take it upon yourself to just start taking huge amounts of vitamins without first checking with your health care professional because an over supply of some vitamins can cause other health issues. You can read more about vitamins for hair growth here.

If the cause is stress, the cure will eventually find you when the cause of the stress is rectified. For example, stress in the form of the loss of a loved one, a divorce, huge life changes, work, family issues and any number of life changing situations, can cause hair loss in women. This happens because the human body has millions of tasks it has to perform every day to sustain healthy life. When we are stressed our bodies can react in a number of different ways. For some people, pre-existing conditions like ecsema can flair up and for others the body just shuts down its normal hair growing cycle to concentrate on other more life sustaining functions.

If the cause of your hair loss is menopause, then there are several things you can do. Firstly, do not worry about it and cause yourself a whole lot of stress! Chemical free shampoos and conditioners can improve the quality of your hair, as too can changing a few habits associated with hair washing. Menopause can cause hair to become dry and brittle and treating dry, brittle hair with a few new habits can improve hair quality immeasurably. You can read more about treating hair loss caused by menopause here.

If the cause of your hair loss is the recent birth of your new baby, then fear not! This is normal and will usually right itself in a few months time. You can read more about the cause and treatment of postpartum hair loss here.

If the cause of your hair loss is extreme weight loss then this is also very treatable. Extreme weight loss can cause hair loss due to a number of factors in play at the same time. Extreme weight loss puts a stress on the body and for some women, this stress can result in the body making the choice to focus on more important bodily functions. This leaves the effort required to manage the normal hair growth cycle off the list – temporarily. In addition sometimes extreme weight loss results in a lack of certain nutrients being consumed and these nutrients can be vital to hair growth. Your weight loss surgeon or health care professional can advise you on the required vitamins to be taking. You can read more about hair loss caused by weight loss here.

Once you have figured out the cause of your hair loss, it can take up to 18 months for you to see the results. So it is important that you stick with the solution. If taking a vitamin every day is difficult for you to remember, buy yourself a 7 day pill organizer and put it where you will see it each morning (like, next to the coffee machine) and be extremely disciplined in your approach to the cure. 7-day-pill-organizer

Remember any hair loss cure can take a long time as hair growth is based on a long cycle so you won’t see the results for some time.

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