Two Quick Tips for Dry Frizzy Thinning Hair

Make these two tiny towel tips part of your regular routine and your hair will shine

Tips for dry frizzy thinning hairIf you have dry, frizzy or thinning hair then you could be contributing to it with some bad habits. But with just two tiny towel tips to change your habits you could see a vast improvement in just a few days.

Tip for dry frizzy thinning hair No 1.

Have you ever tried to add face cream to your face while it was sopping wet? If you have, you will know that it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t sink in and it would be a waste of product. If you haven’t, then that’s because you instinctively know you have to dry your face before you add face cream!

So why would you add conditioner to your hair while it is sopping wet? Tip number one is to keep a small towel handy when you are washing your hair and give your hair a quick pat dry before you add in the conditioner. No need to get out of the shower, or get it really dry, just take the excess moisture out of it.

Then, if your hair is really dry, add one squirt of a natural recovery oil (we recommend Carelli Chemical Free Recovery Oil) in with your conditioner. Give your hair and scalp a little massage, comb it through with a wide-tooth comb if you have one, (if not, a good massage will do) and leave it on for a few minutes before you rinse.

Tip for dry frizzy thinning hair No 2.

You are no doubt gentle on your facial skin and wouldn’t give it a harsh rub to dry it, yet how many of us give our hair a harsh rub to dry it off? Wet hair is elastic and much more prone to break, so giving it a good rub and tangle is probably one of the worst things you could do especially if you have thinning hair.

So tip number two is to use a super absorbent microfiber towel (we recommend the BOOSTnBLEND Twist & Dry Microfibre Towel) on your hair to begin the drying process.

Simply wrap your hair up while it is sopping wet and leave it for a few minutes so that the excess moisture is absorbed by the towel.

Small towels like these are also great if you are prone to a sore neck. No need to wrap a jumbo turban on top of your head, putting extra strain on your neck muscles!

Try these two quick tips and you will find a vast improvement to the quality of your hair. You will also find that if your hair has been looking a bit old and fuzzy lately, you will regain some much needed quality and shine.

Younger, shinier, healthier looking hair with just two small changes!

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