Does Hair Growth Shampoo really work?

Can Hair Growth Shampoo Cause Hair to Grow Back?

Female hair loss is more common than you think, with over 40% of women seeing visible signs of hair loss from the age of 30. Many women are going to extreme lengths (pardon the pun!) to find a solution for their hair loss. With so many so-called “fast hair growth shampoos” on the market we all want to know – does hair growth shampoo really work?

Hair Growth Shampoo

What Are The So-Called Magic Hair Growth Shampoo Ingredients?

You would have seen the recent proliferation of instafamous hair growth shampoos. These so-called wonder hair growth products claim they can cause hair to grow super fast while preventing breakage using simple organic, vegan friendly ingredients. Stinging Nettle Extract advertised as a natural DHT blocker is supposed to reduce hair loss, however as it’s listed last on the list of ingredients, we can assume minimal amounts are included. No doubt not even close to a therapeutic quantity.

The other ingredients in these shampoos, which are headlined to grow hair, include argan oil, castor oil, peppermint oil, horsetail extract and rosemary oil. After investigating all of these ingredients, we found there is very little scientific evidence of hair growth behind any of these oils.

The natural oils including argan oil, horsetail extract and rosemary oil may contain minerals and vitamins which could nourish the hair, but there is no evidence that these cause hair to actually grow. The properties in these, and many other oils, could be good for repairing dry hair and preventing itchy scalps but again, certainly not for restoring hair follicles. In fact during our research we spoke with some manufacturers of hair oils, and discovered that argan oil is among the worst of the ingredients. It is a cheap low quality oil used as a filler and you find it in most of these current “fad” hair growth shampoos and oils.

Let’s face it, if there was a shampoo that could grow hair, there’d be no bald men!

Unfortunately, with an abundance of products on the market offering hair loss cures, it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. But please beware, unless you use an FDA approved product like minoxidil, dormant hair follicles will not grow new hair.

At best, hair products that contain essential oils can improve the overall health of the scalp. Yes, perhaps a good place to start, but hair growth shampoos will certainly not induce the growth of new hair. Nor will it induce faster hair growth. In fact, nothing can do that!

So what of those amazing before and after photos of women who have supposedly grown 3 inches of hair in a matter of weeks, we hear you ask? Well, we will let you in on a little secret. Those photos are taken on the same day! Yes, the very same day. The longer hair photo was taken first, then the hair was cut and voila! The shorter hair photo was taken. Then they just switch them around so the photo taken after the hair was cut, becomes the “before” photo – sneaky huh?

Please be on the look out for these scam products. Don’t be swayed by their tens of thousands of likes and followers, they are done with internet robots. They don’t have that many followers at all – probably a few hundred at best. And of course, all the reviews are arranged. They provide free product to anyone who is willing to fake a review.

The internet, Facebook and Instagram are full of fake scam supposed hair growth shampoos, please don’t waste your money.

If you are experiencing more than usual hair loss, check with your health care professional. Medical professionals will offer advice based on your symptoms and may suggest solutions for your particular hair loss. Read more about hair loss causes here.


  1. What is the cost of hair growth shampoo?

    The average cost of healthy hair growth shampoos on the Australian market are between $30-$35 for a 250-400ml bottle.  This is a complete rip-off, when you consider that it really does nothing to grow hair! Beware of fake growth shampoo claims too!

  2. Will hair growth shampoo work for my hair loss?

    With many rave reviews online, we can assume many women have tried the product however little mention hair growth as a result. Many comment on the shine and overall look of their hair but if you look closely not one review really backs up the hair growth claims. And remember, hair grows! So it is more than likely that while using a “hair growth shampoo” hair will grow anyway. The important things to note here is that a shampoo can’t reverse hair loss.
    Women lose on average 100 hairs a day and this number doesn’t decrease with any hair growth shampoo. While our hair goes through 3 cycles of change, we cannot speed up or stop this natural cycle with any hair product.

  3. How can I cover my visible hair loss?

    If you need to restore the look of your hair and conceal thinning hair, try using a female hair loss concealer.  Female hair loss concealers are usually made from cotton.  Simply shake the fibres onto the thinning area and blend for a natural solution to fill in the gaps. You might also try wearing a topper or a wig. There are many things that can be done to disguise thinning hair these days.

  4. What is a great chemical free shampoo to use?

    We suggest using a shampoo that offers a deep clean without Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a known hair follicle antagonist. Boost & Be Shampoo and Conditioner is filled with essential oils and does not contain any damaging chemicals which can improve hair quality in the long term. And it certainly doesn’t contain any of that horrible argan oil!