What is Viviscal for Hair Growth?

Does Viviscal actually increase hair growth. An independent review

Viviscal calls itself a ‘hair growth dietary supplement’ and forms part of the Viviscal for Hair Growth Program along with shampoos, conditioners and hair fibres. According to their website, they have been researching hair loss in both men and women for over 20 years.

What’s in it?

Viviscal for hair growthViviscal offers slightly different supplements for men and women. Both formulations contain several different vitamins and minerals that are often associated with hair regrowth, including B vitamins (including biotin), zinc, vitamin C and iron. As we have already addressed, these vitamins and minerals can help to ease hair loss only if your hair loss is caused by a deficiency in one or more of these ingredients.

Along with these usual suspects, Viviscal includes a propriety marine complex called AminoMar. As it is propriety, we could only find out a few scant details about it, including that it is made from shark cartilage and mollusc powder.

What is it supposed to do?

According to the Viviscal website, the supplements keep hair healthy and conditioned by nourishing the follicles with essential nutrients. This means less breakage and a prolonged anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle which ultimately means more hairs on your head for longer.

Does it work?

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence and customer reviews that seem to suggest it does help to some degree. Many have suggested that this is because a lot of hair loss is due to deficiencies in one or many of the vitamins included in Viviscal, so it might be a safer bet to get your levels tested and take individual supplements only for what you are deficient in.

What about all the research they’ve done?

According to the Viviscal for hair growth website, there has been a number of clinical trials to test the efficacy of the supplements. We had a quick look at them and can confirm that these studies do exist, however, many of them are far from perfect. Rather than peer reviewed, published studies, most of the research listed on the Viviscal website has been undertaken by the company itself which is not exactly the kind of unbiased research we would be hoping to see.

It is expensive? Do I have to take it forever?

Viviscal recommend taking the supplement twice a day for at least 6 months to see results. After the initial 6 months, they recommend a maintenance program of ‘1-2 tablets daily as required’ which would suggest that the supplements stop working when you stop taking them, which would make sense. Packs are $AU89.95 for a month’s supply or $398 for a 6 months’ supply.

So, should I give it a go?

Viviscal is one of the safer, more natural products out there and there’s a chance it could be beneficial if your hair loss is caused by a deficiency. On the other hand, it would be a lot cheaper and arguably make more sense to get a blood test and determine what (if anything) you are deficient in that could be causing your hair loss. That way you and your doctor can work out a diet and/or supplement program that is likely to work better for you without the unnecessary extra ingredients and cost.


  1. I am using this product and my hair looks dry and frizzy and I am wondering why

    • Hi Brenda, It may not be the Viviscal that is making your hair dry and frizzy. If you have thinning hair, you could also have a dry scalp. You need to keep your scalp healthy so the follicles can grow healthy hair. May I suggest you try some recovery oil (like Carelli) or one of their chemical free shampoos and conditioners. There is a lot of research around keeping your scalp healthy. Perhaps you should look at this fantastic new book that has just come out as it has dozens of tips to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

  2. Does the product grow ur hair longer?

    • There is no evidence to suggest that Viviscal will grow longer hair. It does help to prevent hair loss, so would make it possible for hair to stay in the growth phase for longer, rather than falling out. But as this article says, it is extremely expensive and there is no evidence that it will work for you if you have not got a vitamin deficiency.

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