Overcome Female Hair Loss with These 6 Tips for Youthful Hair

Did you know that it is perfectly normal and incredibly common for a woman to lose the thickness and lustre of her once youthful hair?

Overcome Female Hair Loss with 6 Tips for Youthful Hair

As we age our hair follicles become fewer and finer. This gives the appearance of hair loss, a very embarrassing problem for a woman of any age. In fact, like so many other parts of our bodies, our hair loses the density and strength it once had as we get older.

Follow These Tips for Healthier Hair

Here are six tips for youthful hair:

  1. Do not rub your hair vigorously with a towel to dry it. This can cause split ends and frizziness. Patting hair dry tends to prevent stretching and irritation of the scalp while maintaining healthy hair follicles. You can also try a Microfibre Hair Towel to absorb moisture and prevent damage caused from towel drying hair.
  2. If you use a hair dryer ensure you use a good leave in conditioner to protect your scalp from drying out. We recommend a leave in conditioner filled with essential oils and nutrients to nourish the hair. Carelli Recovery Oil can protect from heat damage and promotes healthy hair growth.
  3. Add styling products to partially dry hair. If you can get your hair to a little more than 50% dry before you add in any styling products, they tend to adhere to the hair shaft more densely and reliably as they are not watered down.
  4. Do not brush wet hair. Use a broad tooth comb and comb wet hair into place, this will prevent hair from snapping and reduce split ends.
  5. Check your nutrition. Ensure you eat enough protein and if necessary have a blood test to check on your iron levels. A body low in iron will opt to put what little iron it does have into life sustaining functions rather than growing hair.
  6. Blend in a micro fibre styling product like BOOSTNBLEND. A couple of shakes after each hair wash will ensure your hair looks youthful again as it restores bulk and density to fine, thin and thinning hair.

Finding a Solution to Thinning Hair

While you can take various measures such as these to maintain healthy hair, it isn’t always possible to recover our youthful hair. As we have found, female hair loss is quite common and that’s why we developed BOOSTNBLEND. It gives women their confidence back and a solution to their hair loss.

With a shake or two of BOOSTNBLEND you can instantly recapture the hair of your younger days. BOOSTNBLEND conceals thinning hair and a visible scalp, it has been designed in 9 salon colours to match the density and colour of female hair.

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