Laser Therapy Caps For Hair Loss

What are Laser Therapy Caps? laser hair loss

Laser therapy caps are the latest gadget in the hair loss industry designed to treat androgenic alopecia. The hat contains various amounts of laser diodes to provide constant stimulation to the scalp.
The cold laser lights are designed to nourish the derma papilla (a small cluster of cells found at the base of the hair follicle). The caps stimulate and improve cellular respiration of the hair follicles by stimulating hair growth. Most laser therapy caps need to be worn every day for 30 minutes a day and results vary depending on the severity of your hair loss.
The cost of the Laser Light Therapy Caps depend on the amount of laser diodes and quality of the cap. Prices start at $390 and can be as expensive as $3000.

Do They Work?

Researchers from the Harvard Medical School conducted five clinical studies about the effectiveness of low-level therapy treatment (LLLT)  for hair growth.
The results were that LLTT is as safe and effective as hair loss medication in both men and women over a short term period.
The authors suggested that the LLTT may work by supporting the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle depending on the reason for initial hair loss. Long term effectiveness has yet to be determined.

There are many brands on the market selling Laser Therapy Caps and most brands recommend the customer use the caps every day for a minimum of four-five months to start seeing results.


1. Are some brands better than others?

The price of the LLLT caps vary depending on the strength of the lasers and the quality and amount of the laser diodes. An Australian Hair Loss Clinic sell a cap which must be worn for 105 hours per week. It contain 272 laser diodes and costs $2900. Other laser therapy caps with the same amount of diodes but require longer wear per week are selling their caps for $500.

2. What can I do to fix my hair loss if I don’t want to use laser therapy caps?

We always suggest speaking to a medical professional to determine the reason behind your hair loss. Men and women lose their hair for different reasons and often it can be temporary. Speaking to your GP is the first step to determining the best hair loss treatment.

3. How can I cover my hair loss while it grows back? cotton hair fibres

There are lots of options for covering hair loss but we suggest a cotton fibre like Boost N Blend to conceal the thinning areas and thicken the look of your hair. Using a natural product will reduce irritation to your scalp and itchiness. You can read more about cotton hair fibres here.