Hair Shedding in the Shower: How Much is Normal?

Female Hair Loss is on the Rise

I may be happy and healthy in the main, but hair shedding is something I never expected! My hair is shedding in the shower and I don’t really know how much is normal.

As the years march on I realise that along with the usual signs of aging, there are a few unexpected “gifts” I was completely unprepared for. For one thing, I thought my hair, which had always been fine, would just go grey with age and I was prepared to embrace that.

What I was unprepared for was for it to be gradually getting harder and harder to manage – a consequence of age apparently! I found my hair was becoming patchy, thin and almost totally unmanageable.

How much hair loss is normal?

I wondered how much hair loss is normal and if the increase in the amount of hair shedding I’ve noticed in the shower was normal. So I did a bit of research. Apparently it can be normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day. But for women who are past menopause, the growth of new hair slows down. So if we continue to lose 100 hairs a day without the abundant new growth of younger years, then hair will gradually get thinner. If like me, you have fine hair, then this can become a real problem.

I’m busy, I love to cook healthy food, I love gardening and I keep in touch with my kids and grandkids via the internet. In fact, I’ve embraced technology pretty easily and I even buy online now!

But I digress…

My sisters and mum all have wonderful thick hair, it’s just me that always had the thin hair and now it’s even worse.

Successful Products for Hair Loss

I have scoured the internet for a solution and I’ve discovered a few interesting and successful products.

First, I now use only chemical-free shampoos and conditioners.  There is a huge difference in just getting rid of those chemicals has made. My hair is definitely smoother and I am noticing regrowth around the front (where I need it most). There is a good range here.

Secondly, I use a microfiber towel – exclusively – on my hair. Wet hair is most prone to breakage, and who can afford to lose any more? A large tooth comb hangs in the shower now too, so that I can comb my conditioner through. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons my hair is feeling so soft and manageable.

Hair Loss Breakthrough

But the biggest breakthrough for me has been Boost N Blend. It’s a simple, shake in hair fibre thickener that combines with my fine hair to make it look much thicker. Now I can manage it so much better and I love knowing that there are no thin patchy bits (especially in the sunlight! I used to worry that it looked worse under bright lights).

I now have a great hair day every day. The combination of a few simple and easy changes has made all the difference.

I’m still grey, but I’m ok with that now that my hair looks a feels much younger and healthier.

Anna xx


We’d like to thank Anna for her story as we like to feature stories from readers who have found good products. You can read more stories and find hair products designed for women of a certain age, by women who understand the challenges, here.

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