Dry Shampoo Can Cause Hair Loss

Dry shampoo can cause hair loss and a host of other scalp and hair problems including dry hair and extra breakage.

For many, dry shampoo has been a real game changer. People generally use it on days when they don’t have time to wash, dry or style their hair and as a quick fix between sweaty gym workouts! The best dry shampoos claim to soak up oil and clean your hair water-free… but very few people realise that dry shampoo can cause hair loss!

Now, we’re all for reducing the time you spend on your hair each day and making things run more smoothly and easily (which is why we advocate using products like BoostnBlend which are designed to be quick and easy to apply!) What we won’t do, is endorse products like dry shampoo that have the potential to damage your hair and contribute to thinning hair and hair loss.

Bad news for regular dry shampoo users:

Industry experts all seem to agree that excessive use of dry shampoo can cause hair loss and lead to a host of other hair and scalp problems including:

  • Dull hair colour with a lack of shine – Dry shampoo contains several chemicals including aluminum starch or corn starch which appears matte when applied to the hair. Often people who colour their hair are fearful of washing it too often and stripping out the colour but using dry shampoo as an alternative has very much the same effect. Ultimately, the color in your hair looks less shiny and healthy if you over-use dry shampoo products.
  • An increase in dryness and dandruff – Dry shampoo is designed to draw moisture and oil away from the scalp so it’s no wonder that excessive use will leave you with a dry and flaky scalp. This is especially harmful if you already suffer from dryness and can’t afford to damage your scalp and hair further.
  • A build up of dead skin, germs, and bacteria – The skin on your scalp is an extension of the skin on your face. An oily, dirty buildup on your face leads to clogged pores, blemishes and breakouts and it’s much the same with the skin on your scalp! If you can’t imagine just powdering your face for a few days without washing it, don’t do the same thing to your hair!
  • Blocked hair follicles and disrupted hair cycles – Blocked follicles go hand in hand with a build up of dirt and bacteria. One of the biggest issues with blocked follicles is that it may end up disrupting the natural (healthy) shedding process. Your hair sheds regularly (approximately 50 – 100 strands a day) in order to maintain optimum scalp and hair health so it’s never a good idea to disrupt a natural, bodily function.
  • Scalp cysts and acne – The second issue with blocked follicles is the potential for infection. When bacteria gets trapped and grows, cysts and scalp pimples often develop. Not something anyone is keen to have to deal with!
  • Tangled tresses – The drying effect of dry shampoo leads to tangled and fragile hair shafts. A simple comb through these knots may result in breakage or could even lead to healthy hairs being pulled out unnecessarily. It’s another little known reason that dry shampoo can cause hair loss. 

If dry shampoo can cause hair loss… what are my other options?

If you’re an avid dry shampoo user, don’t get too stressed by the news. There ARE other products out there that have a similar effect on your hair without all the added risks!

Dry shampoo is full of chemicals like Butane, Isobutane, Oryza Sativa, (Rice) Starch, Propane, Alcohol Denat, Parfum (Fragrance), Coumarin, Eugenol, Limonene, Butylphenyl, Methylpropional, Linalool, Distearyldimonuim Chloride that soak into the scalp and hair shafts. It’s also generally a spray (although it can come in powdered forms) which is quite harsh when applied and generally sticks to your hair for longer causing excessive build up.

If you’re after a more gentle and natural alternative, you do have the option of using hair fibres. A product like BoostnBlend is an all-natural powdered product made from electrostatically charged cotton fibres that gently cling to your existing hair strands. There are minor trace elements of a few chemicals but these are kept to a minimum and really only serve to keep the powder in your hair and not airborne. Good quality hair fibres wash out easily each time you clean your hair and don’t leave any long-term residue.

The pros of using hair fibres instead of dry shampoo:

Hair fibres are a great alternative to dry shampoo BoostnBlend was originally designed to assist women with thinning hair by clinging to existing hair strands and making them appear thicker. As an added bonus, their products come in a range of great, salon-inspired colours that tone in with the majority of hair colours out there, so there’s something for everyone!

The natural cotton fibres gently absorb excess oil (without drying your hair out) and have a very similar effect to dry shampoo by boosting root volume and reducing oiliness. The reflective colour pigments change the appearance of oily regrowth while toning in with your natural colour and this leaves your hair not only looking thicker and healthier but full of body, fresh and clean too!

Sometimes, seeing is believing so…

Volumising hair fibres can leave your hair looking thicker and more full of life while many users don't realise that dry shampoo can cause hair loss.

…we doubt you’ll have many reasons NOT to try using hair fibres as a natural alternative to chemical-heavy dry shampoo! The full range of BoostnBlend volumising hair fibres is available here.

If you still have questions about hair thickening fibres, here’s a great rundown of all the facts: 6 common questions about hair thickening fibres.

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