5 Top Gadgets and Gifts for Guys

For the guy who has everything!

Ok ladies, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for guys that are interesting and unusual. We know how hard they can be to buy for!

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

The Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher – Comes in a box for discreet storage

Ball ScratcherOk, well if the man in your life is a gentleman then one assumes you won’t know if he needs one of these or not. But we can probably assume the need to scratch occurs from time to time. Put a smile on his face with this nifty gift. From Latestbuy.com.au

The BBQ Branding Iron – If ironing is your man’s thang… BBQ Branding iron

For many of the BBQ chefs in our lives, steak only comes in one shade and that’s black. But if your chef is a little more skillful and can offer a variety of options, then the branding iron is a definite must. Alphabet supplied, but no spell check. From Manbase.com.au

Nut-Job-400pxNut Job Hair fibres – Get serious hair in seconds

Bed hair is out, styled hair is in. Get him on trend with the latest in hair loss solutions. These cotton fibres add bulk to thinning hair, shake ‘em on and go. Instant hair thickener. Invisible once applied. Give his nut a makeover. From Nutjob.com.au

Stainless Steel Ice Balls – now there’s a solid gift Balls - Ice balls

Whether he forgot to put the chardonnay in the fridge or is feeling like a tipple on the rocks, these ice balls are going to come in handy as we get into summer. Maybe if he keeps them on ice they won’t need a scratch. From Giftsforblokes.com.au

B Desktop SkipDesktop Skip – Anti-hoarding device

If there’s too much clutter on his desk then this is the perfect gift. Dump anything in here and it goes straight to the tip, or straight to the pool room instead! Guaranteed not to kill the grass. From Giftsforblokes.com.au


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